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Vanakkam, Welcome to Jaffna

Crowning Sri Lanka in the North is a city that lives and breathes the history of a proud and resilient people. Jaffna is a breathless, incongruous and kitschy mixture of the new and the old, the destroyed and the reincarnated, suffused throughout by a throbbing ancient Dravidian heartbeat that stops you in your tracks. Jaffna’s people like its robust palmyra trees, have an incredible knack for survival beating all odds, for music and colour, and for finding wonder and sunlight and laughter among difficult circumstances. Jaffna can only be understood and appreciated by the deeper thinkers among us, from its intricate antique kovils and mysterious yogic-shrines and wartime ruins, to its incredible shimmering azure beaches, and gloriously memorable seafood. It's a city like no other, and a city you will never forget!

A city as rich in drama, history and culture as Jaffna can only be absorbed by taking some time off to live within the city and to explore around it. Tilko Jaffna City Hotel and Tilko Charty Beach Hotel are the ideal places to live and breath a city that is as rich and multifaceted as Jaffna. Combined, the hotels offer 60 rooms that allow the visitor to relax in comfort, plan an itinerary and absorb the awesomeness that is Jaffna.